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“Doctors have shamed me for being overweight my whole life, I have been made to feel that this condition was all my fault when really, medical professionals don’t know how it develops; idiopathic means ‘no known cause’. A neurologist told me, ‘If you don’t stop eating, you will go blind.’ I felt suicidal after this appointment and needed to take someone with me to appointments as I felt too vulnerable to be there on my own. Sadly, my experience is common with the IIH community.” - Mellissa Monsoon

How has the stigma of obesity affected your access to healthcare?

Duty of Care is an artwork inviting the public to hear responses from the IIHUK community. Monsoon invited the public to hold their ear up to the sculpture's belly button to hear responses from the IIH community, on how obesity stigma affects access to healthcare.


How has the stigma of obesity affected your management of IIH?

"It’s affected it massively. I struggle with my mental health anyway and find I binge eat when I’m stressed. Trying to look after your physical health but stressed that you have IIH makes you so angry when you eat unhealthy food and dont exercise. Because of my physical health problems, I really struggle to do exercise and this doesn’t shift any weight."
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