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When diagnosed with IIH, you are given medication like Acetamolozide (Diamox) or Topiromate, which are used to decrease the spinal fluid in your body, reducing the number of migraines. However, the side effects that come with these medications are often not communicated by GPs, so patients often confuse the side effects of the medication to be symptoms of IIH. People with IIH have created the hashtag #devilmox because of the severe side effects. 



Community project created with the IIHUK Charity, collecting responses on how bodies should be described by medical professionals and society. Focused on raising awareness of Obesity Stigma which affects healthcare treatment for women suffering from IIH. The work was exhibited at the Power of Women festival in 2023. 


IIH is a rare brain condition that affects predominantly women and has invisible symptoms that are misunderstood by society and medical professionals. Monsoon was diagnosed with IIH in 2018 and has been navigating and working with IIHUK Charity as Arts & Culture Representative on collaborative artworks, research projects and public engagement, to communicate the invisible world of chronic illness.

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Immortal Ground

Immortal Ground is a living installation consisting of oyster mushrooms, reishi mushrooms, sage, lavender and casts of Monsoon's head and arms. Immersed in soil, this installation tells a story of the use of medicinal plants in Asian culture questioning the relationship between ourselves, nature and our immortality.


Are We Disconnected?

AWD? is a film showing timelapse footage of slime mould growing over agar sculptures of the artist face which is projected throughout the film giving an emotional point of view of our lack of connections between nature as well as each other.


Duty of Care is an artwork inviting the public to hear responses from the IIHUK community. Monsoon invited the public to hold their ear up to a belly button to hear responses from the IIH community, on how obesity stigma affects access to healthcare.


Predicting papilloedema is a project focused on an invisible symptom of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH), papilloedema (optic nerve swelling). IIH is a rare brain condition with no known cause or cure which affects predominantly women ages 25-35. Papilloedema is the symptom that leads to a diagnosis of IIH and can be picked up by a high street optician. In collaboration with the POP study group from the University of Birmingham.

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Fungi Findings

Various projects involving fungi studies, illustrations and photography conducted through Art Ayatana residencies and self-directed research & artworks.



CRESS is a series of timelapse films Monsoon made during her studies at Central Saint Martins, these works and films were made to develop Monsoon's timelapse film making skills and shows a unique angle of seeds growing.



In collaboration with Matt Mapleston & Franke White, creating a plastic shredding machine as well as mould making with melted plastic. Demonstrated at ArtWave Festival in 2019.

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