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This Exhibition features work by Danielle Radway & Mellissa Monsoon in which they explore their lived experience with different health conditions.
Together they present an exhibition that delves into both visible and invisible illnesses, showcasing their diagnostic journeys.

Radway and Monsoon use a diverse range of mediums including sculpture, paintings, ceramics, and interactive artwork throughout the exhibition.


Saturday 13th April : 10am - 1pm

Use paper mache to create a sculptural tree.


During the workshop, participants will create the components of a tree.

seeds - represent obstacles or the challenges we face in life

Trunk - what can we do to change or find strength?

Leaves - are the outcome of our hard work

In person

Materials Provided

Friday 12th April at 5pm

Join us for drinks and conversation. Explore the exciting work made by Danielle Radway and Mellissa Monsoon


Pie Factory, 5 Broad St, Margate CT9 1EW

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