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H A B I T A T 

Exhibition on Art, Science, Nature & Ecology

H A B I T A T film shown with Mellissa's growing ecosystem.

H A B I T A T is a group show with artists from all different backgrounds, based in Kent. Curated by Mellissa, This show is exploring the wonders of nature, the ecology of destinations and environments such as Ramsgate harbour, Poole harbour & Chernobyl. The show explored the relationships we have with nature, as well as our relationships with wildlife that most may overlook. Nature is often unappreciated, especially the smaller habitats and organisms like algae.

10 artists have based their practice on the exploration of nature’s beauty and obscurity, giving very different outcomes and viewpoints of our ecosystems. This exhibition is available for touring please contact:


Mellissa Monsoon

Fleur Alston

Christina France

Kirsty Peterkin

Ian Barrowcliffe

Hannah Clark

Edward Thompson

John Wiltshire

Silvia Krupinska

Elizabeth Fisher 

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