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The Mira River is 90 miles long and it’s name is dated further back from the Romans, from research it mentions that the name Mira was the same Celtic origin of the old city Mirobriga. The history that has fascinated me the most is that local tribes at the time (called Celtici by the Romans) believed that there was a god who was devoted to protect the waters, called Mirobieus. Any artist knows that when you find a nugget of information like this, it sends you down a rabbit hole, and I’ve got to say, this rabbit hole was incredible! Let’s talk about the clay, it was probably the nicest clay I’ve ever worked with, so easy to move and to shape. Using clay has been a recent addition and it is slowly but surely becoming a key part of my practice.

Week One

I usually draw to realise an idea and I realised I hadn’t painted for a long time as in my day-to-day, painting seems too time-consuming, and I have to be in a relaxed state to paint, so I used my time during Cultivamos Cultura to slow my process down and revisit an old technique that I am going to continue.