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Microbial Me

Began as an experiment in 2012 on Broad Vision and continued in collaboration with Professor Mark Clements, Dr. Richard Harvey & supported by Thermofisher Scientific. The project evolved and grew towards communicating the invisible world of bacteria on our skin. On permanent display at the Eden Project, Cornwall, UK.

Microbial Me - Mellissa Fisher, Professor Mark Clements, Dr Richard Harvey.jpg


In collaboration with Dr Alex Betts, visually representing bacteriophages on agar sculptures, and visually communicating how effective they are when antibiotics are resistant.


Microfloral Femunculus

Prototying and preparing for life-size agar sculpture. Testing 3 different recipes of agar and bacteria from all parts of the body.


Microbial Michael

Commissioned by the BBC to create a life-size microbial sculpture of Michael Mosley for BBC4 documentary 'Michael Mosley vs The Superbugs' aired in 2017 and shortlisted for the Grierson British Documentary Award



In collaboration with Professor Sheena Cruickshank from the University of Manchester, Salford Hospital, John Mclaughlin & supported by PillCam.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 17.28.25.png

Lady Mycrobiome

Agar sculptures of the artists intimate body parts and collection of bacteria representing the taboo bacteria found on the genitals and breasts.

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