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Microfloral Femunculus is an extension of Microbial Me, where Monsoon experimented by sculpting and casting a maquette human body with different types of agar. Mixing various agars together allows more cultures to grow and determined specific recipes that Monsoon and collaborators were using for other agar projects. The mixture of agars encourages a variety of colonies to grow, allowing an aesthetic control over unpredictable growth of the sculptures.

This is the prototype to create a large scale human figure of herself later in Monsoon's career, she has used these small prototypes to create an idea of what the human body will look like on a larger scale but also being playful in her work to create the illusion of death in the position but the juxtaposition of life growing on the death pose.

This project is in collaboration with Professor Mark Clements & Dr Richard Harvey.

Supported by ThermoFisher Scientific.
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