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Microbial Me, first made on Art & Science interdisciplinary module Broad Vision 2013, Monsoon made a series of sculptures in agar with swabs from the surface of her skin, to make the invisible world visible. Microbial Me is an ongoing project, in collaboration with Professor Mark Clements & Dr Richard Harvey. The work is a living sculpture that changes and evolves over time and shows how beautiful bacteria can be.

Microbial Me is permanently on display at The Eden Project as a part of the exhibition
Invisible You. The Human Microbiome since 2015. 

This work is an exploration of the ecosystems we have on our skin and future works will be exploring the entire body identifying and communicating the world of bacteria. This work is highly experimental and both artist and scientists explore different ways to visualise bacteria, by using casts of the artist's face, they make the viewer relate to what is on their own skin.  Monsoon and Clements have continued to collaborate since 2012 on various projects like Microbial Michael &
Modified Madder.

"This sculpture, made from a cast of the artist’s face, is a living artwork; the bacteria from her skin grow and mix with the colonies of microbes present in the environment. It grows and dies, reflecting the cycle of life. It explores the relationship between us human beings and our microbiota."
The Eden Project




First Exhibition of 'Microbial Me' - Microbiological Portraits - Face of Truth - Broad Vision 2013, GV Art
In collaboration with: Professor Mark Clements, Kitti Edwards & Frederick Bell

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