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Mellissa Fisher is a British artist based in Kent; her work explores the relationships between nature, science and the human body. Past works have involved using casts of her own body and the bacteria that live on it to visualise the invisible world on our skin. She graduated in 2016 from the MA Art and Science course at Central Saint Martins and has since undertaken major commissions for The Eden Project and the BBC.

In 2016 Fisher was commissioned by the BBC to create a large scale microbial sculpture which formed a central theme of the documentary Michael Mosley verses the Superbugs first shown on BBC4 in May 2017 and has since been broadcast internationally.  works collaboratively with scientists and leads a range of participatory workshops and public talks exploring art and science.

Fisher originally trained as an Illustrator at The University of Westminster. Thanks to the interdisciplinary Art and Science Broad Vision Project that ran through 2010-15, she became particularly curious in the microscopic and microbiological world, which has led her to projects researching areas of science such as mycology, plant biology, immunology, neurology and at present works collaboratively with scientists to respond to ground-breaking research in science technology.

Throughout the last 10 years, Fisher has explored the microscopic world in nature and cell biology in collaboration with scientist Professor Mark Clements who worked with her on all microbial projects and she continues to work collaboratively with various scientists across the UK and internationally working on projects highlighting invisible illnesses.


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